• Brands Lenovo
  • Model: LENOVO V520
  • Availability: In Stock

  • Part No: V520

  • LENOVO V520 INTEL i3-7100- PCXLNVV5DY301


  • AED 1,298.85

  • Inclusive of VAT


Big on performance, low on maintenance

  • Smaller size, bigger statement

    The V520 desktop comes in a 15L chassis, which is 25% smaller than a traditional tower but with the same storage capacity. That means a space-saving system that frees up valuable room on your desk.

    Smaller-sized Lenovo v520 tower desktop front view, vertically positioned next to monitor.

    Even the small things count

    With forward-facing USB ports (4 x USB 3.0), the V520 lets you connect other devices for charging or transferring data, quickly and easily. What’s more, you can even configure your PC with an optional serial port.

    Easy front access to ports on the Lenovo V520 tower desktop.

    A companion by any other name

    The V520 tower includes the Lenovo Companion app, your one-stop guide to maximizing system performance. This app ensures that your PC remains current on critical updates, while also providing key system information like serial number, user guides, and warranty details in one convenient location. Lenovo Companion also offers insight and advice from Lenovo experts via tutorials, articles, and the latest tech news.

    Lenovo V520 tower desktop with the Lenovo Companion App.

    Go green, save green

    The V520 is engineered for energy efficiency. Thanks to Energy Star 6.1 and GREENGUARD® certifications, power consumption is reduced, which translates to cost savings for your business.

    More powerful than a speeding locomotive

    With the responsiveness and efficiency of 7th generation Intel® Core™ processors, you can switch effortlessly between your favorite apps—increasing your productivity or creativity levels along the way.

    Front view, Lenovo V520 tower desktop showing ports and vents.

    If it ran any faster, it might win a marathon

    The V520 comes with the option of the latest in Solid State Drive (SSD) technology, PCIe SSD. Compared to regular hard drives and SSDs, PCIe enhances performance and runs everything faster—including booting up, running apps, and transferring files.

    Say goodbye to waiting

    Being Intel® Optane™ ready, the V520 gives you even more from your desktop without compromising on storage. With this option, you can install or open apps without delay, find and open files instantly, and switch between programs seamlessly. All the while, the V520 maintains a large storage capacity.

    Lenovo V520 tower PC, front and back sides, vertically positioned.

    Hang would-be data thieves out to dry

    With Smart USB Protection, you can prevent sensitive data from leaking and ensure that nothing malicious enters your system or network through USB ports. You can even restrict port access, while still allowing use of the keyboard and mouse.

    Peace of mind hardwired-in

    Every V520 tower includes Trusted Platform Module—or TPM, hardwired-in. The international standard for securing hardware, TPM delivers extra peace of mind should your PC ever fall into the wrong hands or should someone try to tamper with it.

    Lenovo V520 tower PC, side view, positioned vertically.

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