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Rapoo Authorized Distributor in Dubai, UAE
Terrabyt is an authorized supplier for Rapoo in the UAE offering products ranging from Mouse, Gaming Mouse, Keyboards, Gaming Keyboards, Headsets.

What is Rapoo ?
Rapoo Multi –Mode Technology allows Adapter, keyboard/ mouse/ keyboard and mouse set connects wirelessly to all your devices using Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth Smart or 2.4 GHz wireless connection. You can up to 4 devices* connected at the same time,and press switching button or key to switch among multiple devices.

Rapoo Best Category
1:- Keyboards & Mice
2:- Wireless Charging
3:- Webcams
4:- USB-c Accessories
5:- Gaming

How do I connect a Rapoo MT7505S Mouse to an iPad?
In order to connect the Rapoo Mouse to the iPad you need to press and hold the pairing button for 3 seconds, until the light starts pulsing. Then open Bluetooth settings on your iPad. After that there should be three bluetooth devices you can connect to.

(i)  RAPOO BT3.0 MS (Select This One)
(ii) RAPOO BT4.0 MS
(ii) RAPOO BT4.0 MS
After you select the RAPOO BT3.0 MS option, it will come up with a paring toggle that requires you to type in a passcode. The standard Bluetooth passcode for mouses on IPads is 0000. After you type in the 4 digit passcode. Go to Accessibility - Touch - Assistive Touch (Turn It on) - Devices - Bluetooth Devices and then connect. Hope this helps.

(i)   Click the “Start” button, then select Settings > Devices > Bluetooth.
(ii)  Select the keyboard or mouse from the list.*
(iii) Click Pair and follow any other instructions that may appear on the screen.

How do I contact Rapoo technical support?

Sales Support

Rapoo Contact Support:- +971 4 2380921 (BUR DUBAI-UAE)

Rapoo Contact Support:- +971 4 3544115 (DEIRA DUBAI-UAE)

Rapoo Contact Support:- +971 2 5591643 (ABU DHBAI-UAE)

Rapoo Contact Support:- +971 50 489 0276 (Al AIN -UAE)

Rapoo Contact Support:- +971 56 422 1583 (AJMAN-UAE)

Rapoo Contact Support:- +971 50 487 5960 (RAS AL KHAIMAH-UAE)

24/7 Technical Support

Rapoo Service Center:- +971 4 2380921 (UAE)

Rapoo Service Center:- +971 4 3544115 (UAE)

Rapoo Service Center:- +971 2 5591643 (UAE)

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