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Imou Authorized Distributor in Dubai, UAE
Imou is the other famous brand which is dealing with. Imou manufactures security devices systems and video doorbell, Alarm System Kit‎Imou Lights, Imou Robots, ‎Imou Link, ‎Imou Security, Vacuum, Bulbs Cleanep price in dubai, sells Imou products in UAE region, Dubai.

Imou is an authorized Distribution Partner of Imou technologies and It Supplies comprehensive range of Imou products, Imou manufactures security devices systems and camera, video doorbell, Alarm System Kit, Sensors, Bulbs price in Dubai.
If you are looking for an Authorized Imou Distributor in Dubai. Please Contact +971 4 2380921

IMOU Category
1:- Imou Security
  • Cameras
  • Doorbells & Locks
  • Accessories
2:- Imou Link
  • Cameras
  • Doorbells & Locks
  • Accessories
3:- Imou Robots
  • Vacuum Cleaner
4:-Imou Lights
  • Bulbs

How do you set up an Imou IP camera?
Step 1: set up the Imou Life app. You need the Imou Life app to set up an Imou IP camera. ...
Step 2: add your camera. Plug the camera into a socket in the room you want to set it up. ...
Step 3: connect the camera to your home network. You connect the Imou IP cameras to the internet via WiFi. 
Step 4: set your preferences.

How do I reset my Imou device?
Press the reset button for 10 s, then the camera will restore to factory default and reboot automatically.

What is the default password for IMOU?
The username is always set to admin, the password is always set to the Safety Code, written on bottom of cam.

How do I change the wifi on my Imou camera?
If the camera is online, select Device Detials > Network Config to change the Wi-Fi connection on the app. If the camera is offline, reset the camera, and then configure the camera again. ► Q: Connection is overtime? Check the Wi-Fi configuration of the router: Select the channel to auto, and the mode to 11bgn mixed.

What is Factory Reset in camera?
Use Factory Reset to reset the camera to the factory settings. NOTE: Resetting the camera will delete all of your settings and remove all imported files. The camera turns off, and then back on to complete the reset process. Tap Yes on the touchscreen to reset the camera to the factory settings.

How do I contact Imou?
1. Contact - 
2. Contact - 97142380921

Is Dahua and Imou the same?
Administrator. BTW Imou is a sub-brand of Dahua. Much like EzViz is to Hikvision.

Imou Authorized Distributor in UAE

How do I connect my Imou camera to my network?
Step 1: Download and log onto App Connect your smartphone to your Wi-Fi network, scan the QR code on the packing box, download and install the imou App. Run imou App, and register an account for the first use. Step 2 Add Device At device list interface, press"+"to enter "QR Code Scanning" interface.


Imou Protect is a comprehensive service that includes Cloud Storage. Imou Protect delivers a brand new security experience with additional benefits like AI Detection, downloading SD card recordings, sharing devices with more users, security reports, and more.

IMOU Authorized Distributor in Dubai, UAE


Imou Contact Support:- +971 4 2380921 (BUR DUBAI-UAE)

Imou Contact Support:- +971 4 3544115 (DEIRA DUBAI-UAE)

Imou Contact Support:- +971 2 5591643 (ABU DHBAI-UAE)

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