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Synology is an authorized distributor for Synology products in Dubai, UAE and Africa. Also reseller for Synology products in Dubai and Abudhabi. can provide competitive price for Synology products with delivery support in dubai, Abudhabi and all over UAE and also in Oman. We are the stockist for all the Synology products and accessories at our Burdubai computer shop and warehouse.

 Authorized Distributor:- +971 4 2380921 (Dubai) | +971 2 5591643 (Abu Dhabi)

Synology storage manager

Best budget Network Attached Storage (NAS). Connect your Synology without port forwarding. Synology has the newest feature which is a surveillance station. With this feature, you can add some IP cameras to it. It’s an amazing application because if you have multiple camera brands or versions that means you have to download multiple apps on your phone just to view whatever camera angle you have or whatever brand that it is. This will isolate everything into one central location. Techmind Solutions is the biggest supplier of Synology storage diskstation in Dubai and across the UAE.

It stores everything to your NAS, so you don’t need to worry about plugging an ST card hoping that it won’t corrupt or not having enough storage. Basically, this solves all that and put it into one large view station. If you have multiple cameras in the house, you will be able to control and record the camera. The IP camera has I/O audio. It’s easier to add and remove cameras, allocate storage that you want.

 Disk Station Manager (DSM)

Not only is it a Network Attached Storage (NAS), but you can double it to become a server. The DSM will allow you to save some applications in it. The package center has its own Synology versions including 3rd-part versions. You can basically install what Synology offers or what other 3rd parties need like dockers.


Just like QNAP storage, Synology storage also connects with dockers. A docker is similar to VMware Manager and it allows you to run enclosed everything contained into a little server and it can run a web server or stuff like that. If you have a bunch of docker stuff installed and instead of running 4 VMware,  you can use the docker.

Synology Quickconnect | Remote Connect

Access your Synology remotely with quick-connect Synology. Quick connect is a device that allows you to get access to your Synology outside of your office, outside of your home remotely anywhere you are even on a different network. Connectivity is established without punching some holes in your firewall that will affect it. This is a super useful tool to gain access to your Synology even on a different network. If you don’t want to open a port on a firewall, consider using a quick connect server. You just need a quick connect ID to get remote access to your Synology. Eliminate the hustle of port forwarding and SSL and a whole lot more. No need to mess up with your router.

Synology Supplier, Dubai

We are the leading IT Support company in Dubai that provides IT Solutions to all businesses in Dubai and the UAE. We have a wide range of product portfolio which spans from cloud & IT solutions, artificial intelligence, backup, data storage, etc. Techmind is the largest supplier of Synology storage diskstation in Dubai.

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