Nigachi XC-100AF/HS - Professional 100 Sheet Super Fast Auto Feeder/ 8 Sheet Manual Paper Shredder

  • Brands NIGACHI
  • Model: Nigachi XC-100AF/HS
  • Availability: In Stock

  • Part No: XC-100AF/HS

#1: High speed 100 sheets Auto Feeder shredding (A4) in 3 mins
#2: 8 Sheet Manual Shredding at a time (4 x 10mm)
#3: Auto Reverse if a jam occurs
#4: Bin full & overload, overheat indicator
#5: Can shred paper,Credit Card & staples
#6: Low Noise
#7: Bin Capacity 26 Litters
#8: Pull - out bin for easy emptying
#9: Built – in - Paper tray for Auto Feeder
#10: Wheels for easy Mobility
  • AED 851

  • USD 232

  • Inclusive of VAT

#1: Sheet Capacity: "100 sheets auto feed
#2: 8 sheets: manually"
#3: Cut type: Cross cut
#4: Cycle time: 10 mins on / 40 mins off
#5: Shred Capability: paper/Credit Card/Staple
#6: Separate slot for: CDs No
#7: Shred size(mm): 4 x 40mm
#8: DIN security Level: P-3
#9: Shred Speed (full capacity): 2m/min
#10: Throat width(mm): 220mm
#11: Basket Volume: 26L
#12: Basket Type: PP +ABS
#13: PCB Functions: Auto/Off/Rev
#14: Overheat protection: yes
#15: Overload protection: Yes
#16: LED indicators: Yes
#17: Reverse: Auto reverse
#18: Auto star/stop: Yes
#19: sensor Type: Mechanical sensor
#20: Auto shut off: Yes
#21: Castors\Feet: Yes
#22: Noise Level(dB): ≤62dB
#23: Motor Type: DC motor
#24: Unit Size: 353 x 345 x 537mm
#25: Power 240V: 60Hz
#26: Product Warranty: 1 year

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Nigachi XC-100AF/HS - Professional 100 Sheet Super Fast Auto Feeder/ 8 Sheet Manual Paper Shredder

Nigachi XC-100AF/HS - Professional 100 Sheet Super Fast Auto Feeder/ 8 Sheet Manual Paper Shredder

AED 851      USD 232
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