TRIAX KOKA RG6 PE black Cable

  • Brands Triax
  • Model: TRIAX KOKA RG6 150026
  • Availability: In Stock

  • Part No: 150026

  • RG 6 - PVC black - 305m reel

    TRIAX RG 6 PE type is a premium cable for outdoor installations. The wide frequency range allows the cable to carry signals for both television, radio, satellite receivers etc., whether the signal comes from satellite, terristrial antenna or cable-tv.

  • AED 315.00

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RG 6 - PVC black - 305m reel

TRIAX RG 6 PE type is a premium cable for outdoor installations. The wide frequency range allows the cable to carry signals for both television, radio, satellite receivers etc., whether the signal comes from satellite, terristrial antenna or cable-tv.

This cable is designed with a center conductor of Copper Clad Steel (CCS) which offers high mechanical strength. Due to the gas injected foam, which is far superior to the chemical foam, the copper cladding carries the signals without great losses. A good quality conductor and appropriate gas injected dielectric grants velocity ratio higher than 80%.

For outdoor installation we highly recommend the coax cables with PE jacket, as this material simply is more resistant to weather conditions.


EAN Number 5702661500268


Inner conductor - material CCS

Inner conductor - dimension 1.02 ± 0.01 mm

Dielectric - material PE gas injected

Dielectric - dimension 4.57 ± 0.05 mm

Shield (First) foil 1 – material Al/Pet - bonded

Shield (First) foil 1 – overlap 20 %

Shield (Second) – braid material Al wire

Shield (Second) – braid coverage 60 ± 3 %

Jacket – dimension 6.86 ± 0.15 mm

Jacket - material PE


Screening attenuation @ 30-1000 MHz > 75 dB

Screening attenuation @ 1000-2000 MHz > 65 dB

Screening attenuation @ 2000-3000 MHz > 55 dB




Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 5 MHz 2.66 dB

Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 50 MHz 5.0 dB

Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 200 MHz 9.0 dB

Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 470 MHz 15.2 dB

Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 862 MHz 19.0 dB

Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 1000 MHz 21.5 dB

Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 1350 MHz 25.33 dB

Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 1750 MHz 28.4 dB

Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 2150 MHz 30.5 dB

Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 2400 MHz 31.9 dB

Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 3000 MHz 37.0 dB


Structural return loss @ 5-470 MHz > 23 dB

Structural return loss @ 470-1000 MHz > 21 dB

Structural return loss @ 1000-2000 MHz > 18 dB

Structural return loss @ 2000-3000 MHz > 16 dB


Impedance 75 ± 3 Ω

Capacity 52 ± 3 pF/m

Velocity ratio 81 %

Inner DC resistance < 102 Ω/km

Outer DC resistance < 60 Ω/km


Application Outdoor

Screening Efficiency EN50117 (Class B)


Cable length 305 m

Minimum bending radius - single/repeated 23/70 mm

Colour Black

Packaging Height 0,001 m

Net Weight 0,038 kg

Tara Weight 0,003 kg

Total Weight 0,041 kg

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